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The Gulfstream G280 is a beautiful, refined, late model supermid executive charter jet, with an incredibly comfortable cruising cabin.   All Gulfstream G280 in our worldwide directory of charter jets are equipped with free in-flight wifi connectivity. 

What is the price charter this jet?  How does charter jet pricing compare to jet cards and fractional pricing? 

  • Average, nationwide charter cost per hour for a Gulfstream G280: $9,250
  • Sentient Jet Card cost per hour: $9,960 (not G280-specific)

How far can a Gulfstream G280 fly nonstop? 

  • Gulfstream G280 specifications, including cabin height, length, seating chart, and range are included in the chart
  • Typical charter flights for a Gulfstream G280: New York Las Vegas, Seattle to Boston

Do you need a private air charter quote?   Browse our global directory of 59 Gulfstream G280 and other comparable premium, luxurious late-model supermidsize charter jets, compare safety ratings and amenities like WiFi, and let the dedicated private jet charter professionals at Private FLITE Worldwide handle every detail of your private chartered flights. 

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