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Introducing the Falcon 900 Limited Partnership

By Justin Sullivan

A private airline for the benefit of Limited Partners, allowing you to spend operating profits on preferred access to your own fleet of Falcons, or simply take distributions. Or both. We are building this, now, for you.  Maiden voyage February 2019. 

High net worth individuals who fly 25 – 125 hours per year are jammed up – too little usage to justify owning a jet, but too much for charter. NetJets terms are onerous, and jet cards are getting expensive.

This partnership is designed to help that person permanently get out of this trap. 

 How is This Different? 

Our philosophy is that nobody wants to go it alone, and everyone needs friends. Instead of sticking owners on an island with their own P&L, we select and manage assets that make sense, spread the risk and reward across a fleet of common aircraft, and participate in the upside in these assets, right along side you.  

A typical ratio is (two) LP’s per Falcon 900 Series Heavy Jet. You get structured, below market, tax-free rates for your flying, with added depreciation tax benefits and an attractive, luxurious asset class that can take you, your family and your business everywhere.  

Pooled Revenue, Expenses, and Structured Owner Flying 

✅ All aircraft revenue and operating expenses are pooled across the Partnership

✅ Partners fly at a preferred Occupied One Way Hour Rate, paid to the Partnership

A General Partner With Whom Your Interests are Aligned

✅ If the Partnership does not earn a return, we don’t earn performance fees (no top-line charter sales commission)

✅ We’re all in this together 

Reduced Positioning Costs for One Way Travel 

✅ With a critical mass of Falcon 900 floating across the market, your fleet is always available for your one-way trips, everywhere

✅ No Partner blackout dates

✅ Partners fly FAR Part 91

Simple, Discreet Financing 

✅ Asset-recourse financing allows Partners to obtain full ownership benefits, making a “high six, low seven figure” financial commitment, without personal financial disclosures

✅ Partners may acquire or otherwise finance their own Falcon 900 and enter it into the Partnership for bespoke outcomes and deal structures

Why the Falcon 900 Series? 

✅ Tremendous mission flexibility, short field and mountainous airport conditions

✅ So much jet for so little money: $4.0m average finished product

✅ Heavy jet capacity and charterability

✅ Attractive operating margins: Falcon 900 consumes less fuel than a Falcon 50

✅ Pilot and maintenance synergies with the Falcon 50 fleet

✅ Strategic partnership with major Falcon Jet service station  

What’s My “All In” cost for per hour on the Falcon 900? 

Less than $2,000 per occupied hour with no deadhead fees. Partners who fly 60 hours per year, save $400,000 per year compared to Challenger 300 rates plus tax incentives.

Would this model work with Falcon 900EX with winglets, or Gulfstream V, for global travel? 


What changed in 2018 tax laws to make this even more attractive? 

A lot. Here is an enriching collection of articles about this very topic 

Are there available asset classes besides the Falcon 900? 

Yes.  Falcon 900 LP is taking flight in February 2019 targeting four Falcon 900’s to start. You may participate in this, or a different “Asset Class Cartel” of your own choosing. 

Would you like to learn more? Please contact me directly.   


Justin Sullivan 617-943-5387

Pictured: Refurbished 14-seat Falcon 900B

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