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Jet Card and Program Members

Are you a member of a private air travel program? Let us help you maximize your investment.


We quite literally wrote the book on Jet Card Hedging, encouraging Jet Card and Fractional owners to smartly alternate between fixed-rate programs and on-demand charter. If you’re a member of a Program, Private FLITE Charters was purpose built to help you save money and live life better.

Trip Optimization Planner ("TOP") provides program members with the tools needed to make informed, smart buying decisions about trips to use a fixed‐rate program, and when charter is a viable alternative offering better value. FLITE provides this independent, 3rd party validation at no cost for all Fixed Rate program members.



Clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Substantial savings versus their private jet program on a trip-by-trip basis
  • Access to premium, late-model jets in every category
  • Freedom to select a specific private jet make, model and seating configuration (rather than simply "light / mid / heavy")
  • Personal private jet concierge
  • Safety due diligence reporting on every trip
  • No requirement to place funds on account in order to participate


Jet Cards

Trip Optimization Planner offers jet charter comparison quotes to members of the following fractional, jet card and jet membership programs:


  • Wheels Up
  • NetJets
  • FlexJets
  • XOJet Select Access
  • XOJet Preferred Access
  • Sentient Jet Membership
  • Magellan Jets
  • Marquis Jets
  • FlexJet 25

Private FLITE is not associated with any of these programs.